September 4, 2015

Two years ago, we set out to redesign emergency computer-aided dispatch (CAD) software. We believed the emergency dispatching experience could be beautifuly simple and needed to be shared with agencies of all sizes. We're truly proud of the product we built, but even more so, we're grateful for the community of dispatchers and first-responders that made it grow.

At every turn, your feedback shaped Emware's development. Your passion for emergency communications and the need for a new experience signaled a new chapter. Together, we facilitated the dispatching of thousands of EMS/fire and law enforcement responses throughout the United States and Canada.

Emware's story ends here. Many challenges in the world of emergency communications remain unsolved. It was a difficult decision to end the product that brought us together. As of today, the Emware Emergency Software Suite will no longer be available.

Our team will be parting ways. Some will be using their expertise to create new companies, others will be joining other CAD vendors.

Thank you for the time and attention you've contributed to this community. All of you do something truly special for your communities and it was a privilege to work with you. We look forward to meeting again, and wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Skylar and the Emware team

— @emware

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